By: Aquamarine59323 (AKA Kanenashi) 


I had the POV of the camera. There was a bald man who apparently was a TV anchor and an amateur cameraman who tagged along with the anchor. “The show isn’t doing very well. We don’t have anything interesting related to the haunted. Damn hoaxes. I got an amateur from the broadcasting station to do the camerawork cause they don’t think my show is worth anything.”

“Hey! I’ll improve so don’t complain. Also, I have a scoop on a nearby rundown dockyard!”

The Anchor’s ears perked up and he stopped the van.

“What is it?”

“I first heard about it from a gossip. They were talking abou-“

“Nah nah nah. I don’t want to hear what they talked about in the gossip. Believed too much of it before. The aftermath was the shows of season 2.”

“Okay okay, Let me talk. So, a child was crushed by a metal crate as it fell onto him. When the dockyard was defunct, workers who got items exported to another dockyard heard the sounds of metal crates creaking.”

“Hoho, We’ve caught one! Tell me where it is.”

“Okay, so the dockyard is at…”



The anchor and cameraman entered the dockyard after a 2 hour drive.

“Ok, now that we’ve reached the dockyard, you have any idea where the crate fell?”

“I don’t know. There wasn’t any talk about that. Even if I knew, I doubt you’ll find anything there.”

“Tell me where it is and don’t give me that type of crap.”

“Agh, fine. I’ll navigate. Go left from here….”

They reached the place where the crate fell, very clearly identifiable due to a broken crate present nearby, and a few stains of blood on the surrounding crates.

“Huh. The entire scene looks quite eerie. They didn’t do proper cleanup. I wonder why.”

“I dunno. You want to go further in?” “Wait a bit. I got some juice for the kid. Let’s see if the story is real or not.”

“Oi, don’t do that. I already feel uneasy. Please.” “You are the cameraman. Don’t order. Just record. Understand? I’ll falsely accuse you of slacking off otherwise.” “Ugh. Please don’t do that… I’ll start the camera.”

The Anchor put a juice box beside the bloody crates. The duo stood there silently in wait to capture any activity.

“…Hey. Nothing happened. The story was true, right?”

“Of course it was. This ain’t fake blood on the crates now.”

“Well then. Since there’s nothing here let’s go further i-“

What interrupted his sentence was the ominous sound of metal creaking and bending. Both of them went on alert and checked their surroundings frantically. “Wh-what is that noise? Get the damn camera ready!” “O-ok.”

The cameraman readied his camera, and started recording.

What they found was a metal crate twisting into itself.

The anchor’s face lost all color and he started acting strangely.

“What just happened? What just happened?!”

“I-I don’t know! I-“

The anchor ran further inside without letting the cameraman finish his sentence.

“H-Hey! Don’t run that way!”

The cameraman hurriedly ran in the direction where he thought the anchor ran to. He saw him turn near a metal crate. He ran in the same direction, only to see the anchor on his knees, staring away in a direction, with sweat running down his face. 

“What? Oi, you alright?”


“Oi, answer me! What happened?!”

The anchor stayed silent, still staring off in the same direction.

“What is he looking at…?”

When the camera was aimed at the place the anchor was looking at, the footage corrupted. He threw the camera away and moved towards the anchor,

“Goddamnit. The camera broke. Shit! Let’s just drag him away for now…”

“Why… isn’t.. he budging…! Move for god’s sake!”

“Move! Don’t you wanna live! Move!… Huh?”

The cameraman suddenly lost all strength in his body.

“Why…? Why can’t I move?” 

Not being able to move, he looked everywhere frantically. 

He suddenly saw something beyond the frame of the camera. [Please remember that the POV is of the camera.]

The anchor started crying and screaming out for help while the cameraman prayed to God under his breath.

“Someone please help! I don’t wanna die! Aaahhhh!”

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do-“

What the camera captured was the two men backing up against a crate while something unable to be seen by the camera moved towards them. The footage corruption progressed further until…

A really loud static and 2 faint screams which accompanied the static sounded and I woke up.

 This was a nightmare of mine which I had a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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