Hi everyone, we are Zetro Translations!

We are looking for Authors, Editors and (JP & CH)Translators.



1. Full control of your novel. You can add, edit, delete it.
2. You can publish it anywhere as long as you ensure fairness to readers.
3. Schedule, unlock and lock your chapters. 
4. Sell your writing.  

Be An Author Now: AUTHOR FORM  




1. Have an understanding of basic Japanese language. It would be great if you’re fluent with the language (hue~hue)
2. MTL translation is acceptable as long as it’s not brain killing. 

Be A Translator:  (CLOSED FOR NOW)




1. Has a good English knowledge and can re-write awkward sounding sentences.

Be An Editor:  (CLOSED FOR NOW)


Lastly, we use discord as a medium for communication. 


Just DM or ping the mods, staff or #question channels if you need help. See you there!