My Childhood Friend Is A Vtuber

By: Quertzy


My Childhood Friend Is A Vtuber 

Ding dong 

‘Oh? Isn’t it a bit too early?’ 

I thought as I headed towards the doorway. Finally, at the doorstep, I opened the door to see who the person who came early was. And as I open the door, I see a girl, one with chestnut colored hair that reached down to her shoulder and a face so beautiful that it could only be described as “saint like”. 

The name of this saint like girl? It’s Mizuno Aimi. She’s also my neighbour/childhood friend. But, she was supposed to come here in 30 minutes alongside two other girls… How come she came so early? 

But it seems like this question of mine would be answered soon. “Hm? Oh? Aimi-san, why are you here so early?” 

“Ah? I’m sorry I got here earlier than planned, Keito-kun… I actually want to help you set up the decorations for the party…” she said, as she looked downwards… 

Although I was quite surprised by her reason, I am actually very thankful for it because… 

I’ve completely forgotten about the decorations. 

“Eh? No, actually your help would be very much appreciated right now… “ “Is that so?!” 

Suddenly, the sad Aimi was gone and instead, she was replaced by the excited and happy Aimi… 

“…Yes, I’d love to have your help.” 

“Yosh! Let’s get to work as soon as possible then!” 

Although I got flustered by her sudden burst of energy, somehow, I was able to keep up with Aimi. And with that, we began our preparation for the party. 

Because of Aimi’s help, we finished only 15 minutes after we started. After that, we just sat on the couch to relax. It took us 15 minutes earlier than expected thanks to the help of Aimi. And speaking of Aimi, we’re both sitting on the couch, and as I look

towards her, I could see a big smile on her face. It would seem like she’s very excited about the party… 

Ding Dong 

As I was thinking about the excited Aimi, the doorbell rang once again. It appears that the second guest has arrived. So, I opened the door to see who it was. And there I see… 

“Hello human, I have arrived at this party to purify the evil that is to come…” 

A beautiful girl who can only be compared to an angel stood right in front of me. This girl’s height is smaller than Aimi’s. A girl with long white hair and beautiful blue eyes. But, although she is beautiful… Her head… Let’s just say there’s a loose screw inside it. 

“Shut up and go Inside, Ikehara Kiyoko-san.” 

“Shut up! My name is Himiko okay! Himiko!” 

“Hai hai, Himiko-sama, please go inside the living room with Aimi-san” “Hmph!” 

While pouting, the chuunibyou girl finally listened to me as she walked towards the living room where Aimi is also at. 

“Aimi-chan, Keito doesn’t want to call me Himiko…” 

“Well… Ki- I mean, Himiko-san… Isn’t Himiko your Vtuber avatar? Why should Keito call you Himiko in real life…” 

“Himiko exists not only in the 2D realm. In fact, she originated from the real world and went to the 2D world to continue her mission to purify everything. And that real world Himiko… is me! UAHAHAHAHAHA” 

“A-alright then Himiko-chan…” 

It seems like Aimi got overwhelmed by Kiyoko with her stupidity. Anyhow, after that, it took another 15 minutes for the next and last guest to arrive… Why is the time between their entrance so consistent? 

Ding Dong 

Finally, the doorbell rang for the last time today. I once again went to open the door only to see… 

“Keito-kun, I’ve arrived~”

The girl said in a weird tone. Meanwhile, in the background, I heard someone scream. 


“Ki- …Himiko-chan… please calm down” 

It seems the appearance of this new guest has caused Kiyoko to panic. 

Who is this guest? Her name is Kurihara Miyu, she’s a little taller than Aimi, but she gives off a totally different vibe. She has long black hair and her eyes are colored dark red. She is a beauty barely anyone can compete with. A girl with a skin so pale, one would wonder if she’s a vampire. 

Sometimes I wonder if It’s okay for me to have these beautiful girls around me. But then I remember the chaos that they always seem to create when they are together. 

“Ara~ It seems like Ki-yo-ko-chan was here~” 


“Oh~ don’t talk to me like that. You know? Since today is a special occasion, I thought that I won’t be playing any pranks on you today~” 

“…I-Is that so?” 

“Yes~! Here, I even brought some macarons for you.” 

She said as she brought out a box of macarons from the bag she was carrying. I had a small peek on what’s inside the box because the box had a transparent top. For some reason, the filling was green. It could just be matcha or maybe this girl is playing one of her tricks again… 

“Eh… Fine! We can sign a peace treaty just for today!” 

It would seem like Kiyoko has accepted Miyu’s gift… 

“Thank you, Kiyoko-chan~ I hope we can get along for today~” “I told you to call me Himiko!” 

While the two were arguing, I sat back down on the couch where Aimi was also sitting. 

Sigh It has been quite the journey, huh?” I told my childhood friend who was sitting on the other side of the couch.

It seems like I caught her off guard as she was using her phone, so her response came out awkwardly. 

“Ah yes, it has indeed.” 

The excited Aimi was gone and was instead replaced by the usual saint Aimi, whose demeanor is very saint like. She was sitting on the couch gracefully, somehow giving off a holy aura… 

“Still though, how this journey started was quite weird, no?” 

“Ahh… I told you to forget about that, Keito-kun..” 

Suddenly, the holy aura surrounding her was replaced by this thick black fog… “Well, I’m sorry because, how could I ever forget about that time?” — 

It was like any other day; the surroundings were peaceful and quiet. And my mom gave me the task of giving Aimi-san some of the food she made, a very common occurrence. But at that time, I didn’t know that on that day, my life would be changed in a way I never expected. 

Aimi-san is my neighbour, so it’s expected that we’re childhood friends, right?. And since there are hardly any houses nearby, most of the time, they leave their doors unlocked so I could hang out with Aimi-san. And It seems like today was no different. 

“Hello? Is there anyone there?” I said, as I knocked on the door. 

It seems like Aimi is currently busy. It’s currently summer vacation so she should be home right now. But since she wasn’t able to respond to my call, I decided to just drop off the food my mom made at their table with a note. 

Now, with that plan in mind, I opened the door and went on my mission. The mission of delivering my mom’s delicious food. 

“I’m coming inside…” I said as I opened the door to their home. 

Their home was nothing special. It was smaller than ours, but it’s the average house you can see anywhere. 

Anyhow, I decided that I would just quickly drop off the food and leave immediately, but as I was doing so, I heard a noise coming from Aimi’s room. 



Curious about the noise, I’ve decided to infiltrate and check Aimi’s room, just in case something bad was happening to her. 

And as the noise continued, I took a peek in Aimi’s room. And there, I could see… “Ahahaha, this game is quite hard…” Aimi-said to the mic. 

It seems like… Aimi-san was… streaming a game? No, it wasn’t just that. When looking at her second monitor, it seems like there was some sort of anime virtual avatar being used instead of her face. And that’s where it hit me. 

Eh? Aimi-san… is streaming as a Vtuber… eh? 



Aimi turned around after she heard me. 

Ah crap, I accidentally let my voice out… 

And so now, we are currently staring at each other. 

“Eh… Keito-kun… eh?” 

It seems like Aimi-san could not process what just happened as she just stayed silent, while staring at me for a good few seconds, until finally… 



We both screamed. 



“Keito-san, please stay away from my room for a few more minutes, no, maybe even an hour.” 

“Ahhh… sure.” 

And that’s what happened. After that, she pushed me out of her room, and continued to stream. But now, it seems like she’s rushing the game she was playing.

But judging from what I am hearing… It doesn’t seem like it’s going very well for her. 

(10 minutes in) 

“Ahhh, I want to finish this as soon as possible…” 

(20 minutes in) 


(30 minutes in) 

*sobs* I give up…” 

Finally, after 30 minutes, Aimi-san finally gave up. But during that 30 minutes, I’ve heard things I never thought I would hear from Aimi. 


“That gave me quite the impression, you know? I didn’t expect to hear you rag-” Aimi didn’t let me complete my sentence as she blocked my mouth with her hand. “Please… stop.” 


And with that, comes the end of the flashback. 

It seems like while we were reminiscing about the past, Kiyoko and Miyu were finally calmed down. So, I decided that it would finally be the time to start the event. 

*clap* Alright, everyone here is ready, right?” 

“““Yes””” They responded in unison. 

With that, I started our roll call, where I call them with their name first and then, I call their avatar’s name second. 

Oh? Did I forget to say that they’re all vtubers? Well, they are. It all just sort of happened. 

But anyways, I finally began calling them out. 

“Let’s start with Mizuno Aimi (水野 愛美) also known as Aihara Kasumi (相原 花澄). Next, we have Ikehara Kiyoko (池原 聖子) also known as Mitsukai Himiko (御使い 卑

弥呼). And finally, Kurihara Miyu (栗原 美優) also known as Datenshi Kumiko (堕天使 く美子).” 

“You forgot one, Keito-kun.” Aimi exclaimed. 


“Misaki Keito (三崎 慧士) with a Vtuber avatar named Aizawa Hideki (相沢 秀樹)” “Ahh yeah…” 

“Don’t forget, you’re the reason for this celebration!” 


Although the conversation we had was quite embarrassing, I could keep my embarrassment in and was able to act normally. But finally, I got ready to start. To start the celebration, and to start… the stream. 


“Hello everyone, Aizawa Hideki here. And today, we will be celebrating 2 things. My birthday and the achievement of us hitting one million subscribers!” 


[Oh, it’s amazing how far you’ve come…] 

{Eh?! He already has 1 million subscribers?!} 

{wwwww he’s growing faster than all female Vtubers LOL] 

There were a mix of comments, half of them were English and half were Japanese. Although it was quite odd to see this mix of languages in one stream, there is a reason how this happened. It’s because… 

“‘Thank you very much guys! Without you, I never would’ve even imagined about anything like this ever happening. You guys made my life exciting.’” 

[Wow, I never expected for him to say those words…] 

[So serious..] 

{Can someone translate that to Japanese?}

I also speak English in my streams. 

“Well, of course I’d be serious today. We’ve hit a significant milestone after all. Besides, you guys will probably get the chaos you want soon… Anyways, I’m not alone today, because finally, the long awaited collab is here! 


{It’s finally happening!} 

“Today, I’ll be joined by three other people! Come on guys, introduce yourself.” “Ah, yes. I’m Aihara Kasumi! Everyone’s favourite seiso idol!” 


{Seiso huh…} 

“Ehhh~? What’s with your response guys?” 

[Okay, that was pretty cute, I gotta admit] 

“Ahh… most of the comments are in English… I’m sorry guys, I can’t read much English right now… But I do know the word ‘cute’ so maybe you guys are complimenting me? If that’s correct, then let me thank you guys.” 

{So formal…} 

{As expected of the self proclaimed seiso idol, I guess…} 

“Lowly human, that’s enough for you. It is now my time! I, the person tasked by god to purify all evil in this world, my name is Mitsukai Himiko! Everyone shall remember this name as the savior of this world!” 

[There’s our chuuni.] 

{Ahhh it’s the chuunibyou angel…} 

“Foolish humans, I do not have this so called 8th grade syndrome. For I am an actual angel!” 

“Pft, yeah sure you are.” 

“Hah?! What did you just say Kumiko-san?!” 

“Ara~, would you look at that, the self-proclaimed angel is getting mad~ I thought angels were so pure they wouldn’t get mad for such stupid reasons as teasing?”

“Grrr, shut up! You’re a demon, so you’re an exception! Besides, just go and introduce yourself so we can be done with this faster…” 

“I shall do that then. My name is Datenshi Kumiko. Nice to meet you everyone.” [Ahh there she is…] 

{As expected of ‘Datenshi’ (Meaning: Fallen Angel).} 

{There goes here famous blunt greeting…} 

“That’s it? Pft how boring.” 

“Whatever you say, Himiko-san. Why don’t you try to eat the macaron I gave you now? You know, as an apology for my teasing.” 

“…Fine. I shall taste it.” 

Kiyoko then got the box containing the macarons on the table. She opened it and took one macaron out. Slowly, the macaron got closer and closer to her mouth. She hesitated for a bit until… 

Um… A-re?” 

It seems like the macaron was no ordinary macaron. 


The fillings were filled with wasabi. 

{…As expected of Datenshi…} 

[Lol, I knew it. There’s no way the Sadist Kumiko would just give her something like a macaron on stream for good intentions.] 

Kiyoko rushed towards the refrigerator to get milk. After a few seconds, she returns with an angry face. 

“You… Datenshi Kumiko!” She said as she rushed and jumped towards Miyu with her hands up in the air. 

Unfortunately for Kiyoko, Miyu was able to dodge her attack. 



Instead of catching Miyu, she caught the decorations that Aimi worked hard to set up. 

Oh yeah, also you might be wondering how I got so big in Vtubing when I’m a male. Well, first of all… 

“You… do you know how hard I worked to set those decorations up…” “Ah…. Kasumi-san… Keep your head calm, okay?” 

I’m pretty good at games, so people likes to watch my live gameplay. 

“How can I keep calm… when that was the decoration me and Keito-kun worked hard to set up for!” 

“Oi, Kasumi-san, you’re using his real name again. His avatar’s name is Hideki, you know?!” 

“I don’t care about that right now… Because, currently, I only care about one thing…” 

Well, I’d also like to think that people also watch me because I’m entertaining, but I highly doubt that. 


“AHHHHHH! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING TOWARDS ME, KASUMI-SAN!” {Well, I guess this is the chaos we expected huh…} 

{Yup, as expected of this group. Always chaotic. Well, I guess I’ll just watch some of Hideki’s streams later to relax after this chaos…} 

[Well, Kasumi used Hideki’s irl name again LOL] 

[How many times has she done that now…] 

[More than one, which is too much in my opinion.] 

And the third reason is because…They want to see how I handle this chaotic trio “Kasumi-san! Please stop! I have asthma! I can’t run for a long time!!” “I’ll only stop when I finally catch you!!” 



“…As expected. Seeing Himiko’s scared face is very satisfying… kukukuku” 

This trio of chaos. The rage queen, the chuunibyou angel and the Sadist demon… Everytime, they cause my head to ache… And it seems like things like this won’t stop anytime soon… 

Because, all of us, we’re all continuously growing. And Although they cause my head to ache, It’s still fun being with them. 

So, I don’t see us ending our journey any time soon. Neither do I have the plans to do so. Because, right now, I’m having fun. 


MC: Misaki Keito (三崎 慧士) – Aizawa Hideki (相沢 秀樹) 

FMC: Mizuno Aimi (水野 愛美) – Aihara Kasumi (相原 花澄) 

Chuuni: Ikehara Kiyoko (池原 聖子) – Mitsukai Himiko (御使い 卑弥呼) Sadist: Kurihara Miyu (栗原 美優) – Datenshi Kumiko (堕天使 く美子) 

Written by: Quertzy

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