Friend POV Of A Romance Story

By: FrostFroze

Friend Pov Of A Romance Story 

[ °=Oohara

[ ∆ = Tadashi ] 

[ π = Honoka ] 

( The symbol for inner voice ) 

{ symbol for effect } 

[ narrating? ] 

(°) Yo Tadashi, Can you lend me your homework notebook? 

(∆) As if, it’s your fault for not doing it Oohara. 

(∆) [ my name is Tadashi and this is my Friend Oohara, he is a bit hyperactive…] The homework isn’t even that hard… 

(°) Says the person that scored 1st every exam 

(∆) Hmm, what was that? 

(°) nothing… 

(∆) why don’t you ask Honoka instead? 

(°) well…I don’t even know if she’s already done the homework [ Honoka who overheard our conversation come over to us ] 

(π) hmm… You didn’t do your homework Oohara-kun…Want to copy mine? (°) Sure! { Oohara smiling happily } 

(∆) Honoka, You’re too nice to Oohara… 

(π) Ah… 

(∆) Are you not gonna say thanks to Honoka, Oohara? 

(°)Ah, you’re right…Thanks, Honoka-san! 

(π) You’re welcome…

(∆) Honoka..why don’t you feel annoyed at Oohara a bit for asking these. (π) Why should I? 

(∆) (Sigh… They are childhood friends alright…) 

(∆) Also, Oohara stop relying on Honoka. 

(°) Sure..sure. 

Alright class, go back to your seats! 

{ Honoka quickly takes the notebook and goes back to her seat } 

(°) Ahh, I still haven’t finished copying it! 

(∆) Haha, good..suffer more! 

(°) Shut up Tadashitty 

(∆) Oi what was that Oohar– 

Shut up both of you 

So today I have something to announce…I’m guessing all of you already know that in 2 days we will have an Exam..make sure all of you are ready for this. 

{ the classmates yelling noo! } 

(∆) Time to show off what I can do! 

Are you ready for this Oohar– 

{ Oohara looked in terror } 

(∆) I..shall not ask any further. 

Alright class, SHUT UP! 

Open the textbook and go to page 68 

{ bell ringing } 

Alright, that’s all for today.

(°) Come on Tadashi, Let’s go to the canteen! 

You too Honoka-san! 

(∆) Alright let’s go 

{ Honoka quietly follows them } 

(°)Ah, that bento looks good! 

(π) want some, Oohara-kun? 

(°) Sure! 

(∆} sigh…how you both not a couple yet 

(°) hmm did you say anything? 

(∆) no 

(°) Ah, I’m gonna go buy something…Honoka-san you want something? I’ll will treat you as thanks for the notebook! 

(π) Hm..then..I want strawberry buns.. 

(°) Heh, sure thing! 

(∆) How about me? You’re not gonna treat me something? 

(°) Why would I treat you? you didn’t even lend me your notebook! 

(∆) Aww… 

{ Oohara quickly goes to buy the bread } 


(°) Oh crap, sorry Teacher! Won’t happen again. 

(∆) Sigh, He’s is an athlete person alright… 

(∆) hm..Honoka..Is Oohara always like that? 

(π) Yeah. 

(∆) (come back Oohara, It’s awkward here!)

(°) Hehe sorry, you didn’t wait too long right? 

(∆) It has been 10 minutes! Where did you buy it from? The shop near the school?! (°) Ah sorry, there were a lot of people there.. 

(°) Anyways here Honoka-san your strawberry bun! 

(π) Thanks… 

(°) Say…Tadashi can you help me with the quiz? 

I’m..I’m gonna be busy studying tomorrow.. 

(∆) Why don’t you ask Honoka instead? 

(°) Honoka-san, can you help me with the upcoming quiz? 

(π) Sure….Wanna do a study-group in my house tomorrow? 

(°) Eh…are you sure? Wouldn’t your parents be angry with bringing us? (π) Why would they be angry? 

(∆) Can I come too? 

(π) Hm..sure 

(°) But Tadashi..didn’t you were busy?… 

(∆) I’m busy studying so the study-group is fine. 

(°) Unfair… 

{ bell ringing } 

(∆) Alright let’s go to the classroom 

(°) Ah, wait..I’m about to finish this 

(∆) Just eat it while walking. 

(°) Ah…come on Honoka-san let’s go 

(π) Sure

{ bell ringing } 

(°) Finally, school ended! 

(∆) Let’s go home Oohara.. 

(°) Ah, you can go home with Honoka-san first I still have a club to attend (∆) Oh okay come on Honoka let’s go 

(π) Sure, Goodbye Oohara-kun 

(°) goodbye to both of you..see you tomorrow! 

(∆) Uh..Honoka, when did you first meet Oohara? 

( Honoka stares at Tadashi for a moment ) 

(∆) Huh? 

(π) We met when I first moved a kindergarten…I was really scared but he was the first one to talk with me…for that.. I’m thankful enough..After that, he became more and more friendly..And we became Friends 

(∆) ( huh…this is the first time she talked this long..) 

(∆) I see…so he is quite an important friend huh 

(π) that right 

(π) My house is in that direction..see you soon… 

(∆) Goodbye Honoka! 

(π) Goodbye 

(∆) Ah crap..I forgot to ask when we met up for study-group ! 

( Line ) 

(∆) Hello..Oohara..Did you know when to meet up for a study-group ? 8:27 pm √√

(°) Huh? It’s 10 am…didn’t Honoka-san already tell you? 8:28 pm √√ 

(∆) I don’t have her number yet… 8:28 pm √√ 

(°) Oh…why don’t you ask her tomorrow? I’m sure Honoka-san will give it. 8:29 pm √√ 

(∆) Hmm..i will ask her tomorrow…also why don’t we bring some dessert there? 8:29 pm √√ 

(°) Bring me the Chocolate cake from Frost brand too~~~ 8:29 pm √√ 

(∆) Sigh…fine… 8:30 pm √√ 

(∆) Hm… self-study huh….

[ Tomorrow ] 

{ You know, The person Who means a lot to you always stand by– } [ Music from My little love song ] 

{ Tadashi got awoken the sound of the alarm } 

{ Tadashi check out the time } 

(∆) huh, it’s 8 Am…Better..{huaaaa}…get ready for study group 

( Time Skipped 1 hour ) 

(∆) Dad, I’m gonna meet up with my friend~~~~! 


(∆) I still have an hour left…ah That right..the cake 

{ running sound } 

(∆) Hello? I’m here to buy a cake 

Oh hello! Take what you want there…I’m gonna set up the shop first (∆) Alright thanks, let’s see…Chocolate Frost…Ah it here. 

(∆) I’m taking this! 

Hmm, That ¥3780 

(∆) Here you go~. 

Thanks you, Please come again~~ 

(∆) alright 

Oh crap I’m late 

{ ~~~~~ } 

(°) Tadashi, You’re late…Come on let’s go! 

(∆) I’m late because of this cake.

(°) hmm, That looks delicious..can i have all of it? (∆) No way, we’re gonna share it with Honoka too! 

(π) Hello Oohara-kun and Tadashi..come on in.. (∆) Honoka, where are your parents? 

(π) They are busy with work right now… (∆) So…is it just the three of us? 

(π) yup 

(°) Tadashi~~~ Give me the cake! 

(∆)Not yet! 

(∆) Alright that’s enough talking let’s go study~~ (°) I thought you were already a genius… (∆) Even a genius needs to learn, you know!

[ 3 hours later ] 

(°) Haaaaa~~ finally it done! 

(∆) You did well for a ostrich brain like you, Oohara 

(°) I’m not an ostrich, I’m a human! 

(∆) yea..right…..Who wants a cake? 

(°) ME! 

(π) me too.. 

(∆) Alright let me cut my part… 

(°) Yay! 


(°) Honoka-san, You want some too, right? here let me Give it to you…open your mouth! How was it? good right? 

(π) yup.. 

(∆) You bakaple Really need to lovey dovey in front of me eh… 

(°) What are you talking about? 

{ Honoka chuckled a bit } 

(∆) ( hm? ) 

(∆) Alright that’s it…i’m gonna go home now 

[ Tadashi about to leave but got surprised by Honoka mum ] 

Ara…who is this? 

(π) Welcome back mom 

(∆) huh mom? 

Sorry ma’am, I’m Tadashi…We were having a study group here. Sorry for intruding… That’s fine~~ It good to see my son having friends…She is really quiet and shy..ah that right

wait a little longer….I’m gonna cook the steak~~ 

(∆) Ah it’s fine!..I’m about to go home.. 

really?..That a shame.. 

{ Honoka mom saw Oohara } 

oh..Oohara you here too~~ 

Want some steak? 

(°) Really? Yay! 

[ Tadashi noticed that it the perfect time for them and decided to go ] (∆) Goodbye both of you, See you in school!

The Exam day 

(°) Are you ready for this? 

(∆) Of course.. 

(°) Oh and I’m gonna ask Honoka to go on a date after the exam ends! (∆) Haha, good luck then. 

Alright Class, The exam will start in 10 minutes! 

make sure you put the bag at the back.. 

[ 10 minutes later ] 

We will start the exam now 

(∆) ( huh..this is quite hard..) 

( oh i think i know this answer..We studied it in the study-group ) 

(°) ( …this really hard…. ) 

( i wonder how Tadashi doing.. ) 

(π) ( ………….oh ) 

{ ding } 

Alright class, Stop writing! I’m gonna take the exam question now. (°) What do you think about the exam Tadashi? 

(∆) Easy peasy 


(°) Can’t wait for next week 

(∆) same here…

[ The exam grade showcase ] 

(∆) Oohara, Did you find your rank? 

(°) not yet….Oh there number 126! How about you? (∆) The First one of course 

(°) As expected of a genius 

(∆) That right, Praise me more! 

(°) Oh Honoka-san, did you Come To see Ranking? (π) yes 

(°) let me find it…oh it’s 79!, mine at 126! (π) I see…. 

(°) Uh honoka-san..Can you go to the rooftop soon? (π) sure?… 

(∆) ( Do it Oohara! ) 

[ at the rooftop ] 

Uh..Honoka-san we’ve been a friend for a while… 

so.I hope….to go a step further…uh… 

I LOVE YOU, Can you go on a date with me!

( Illust by Ookasana#3077

(π) Sure but..I want you to call me by my family name..Suzuki 

(°) Alright Suzuki-chan!


(∆) So you finally did it huh… congrats

[Few years later..] 

(∆) Oh hello Oohara-kun 

Congrats on your marriage! 

(°) Thanks! It’s been a while since I last met you.. 

so…Did you finally get a girlfriend? 

(∆) Haha..yup!..Come here Sakura-san 

This is sakura-san,my girlfriend! 

(°)Alright then..I have a lot to ask– 

(π)Sato-kun come on! It’s time for the marriage oath! 

(°) Ah, my wife called me..Goodbye Tadashi-kun! 

(∆)hm…goodbye Oohara-kun… 

Hello there, I’m frost…this Oneshot has been quite a rollercoaster for me..Considering it takes me..around 6 hours!..hope you enjoy it!

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