The Moon Goddess’ Tears

By: Loki_ #6969


The Moon Goddess’ Tears


In a faraway and secured village, there lived a tribe which is blessed and guided by the moon deity, Goddess Diana. This tribe was known as the Ayla tribe, and the people were called Aylans. 


There was nothing special about them except for the blessings of their deity, their exceptional skills when it comes to hunting, and their eyes that glow whenever the moonlight reflects on them. They are not much bigger than a normal human but they are also not smaller than them. 


People in the village lived prosperous and happy with the moon deity’s protection. There was one of them in particular, Esmeray. 


She was like a drop of moonlight for the villagers, as she always shines the brightest every night with her long dark blue hair that reflects the stars and her clear silver eyes that replicate the moon. She teaches the children, takes care of the elderly, shows kindness to her fellow villagers, and never forgets to offer the moon deity blessings and her prayers. She was well-respected and no man tried to take her hand in marriage as they know that Esmeray vowed her life to serve the people of the moon deity. 


One morning, people gathered in front of the village hall, where their village chief resides. There, a beautiful lady can be seen holding the hand of an elderly woman laying on a bed. The elderly woman was weak and fragile because of her old age yet she was still smiling warmly towards her granddaughter, Esmeray. 


It was said that due to overwork, the elderly woman cannot live anymore until a week’s time. Despite that conclusion, Esmeray was passionate about looking for a herb that can extend the life of her grandmother. But there was only one herb that can make it happen, the moon goddess’ tear. It was a legend passed down to every generation of the Aylans. 


In the legend, it was said that the tear of the moon goddess can replenish the life energy of whoever was offered it and make the person happy eternally but no one knew what the herb looks like or whatever form it takes and where it can be found. The only clue was, it is within the moon goddess’ blessing and protection. 


Esmeray told the Aylans that she will look for the moon goddess’ tear in the Hala Forest, a forest where silver wolves and silver foxes live. Many people disagreed with her yet they were unable to do anything as Esmeray already set her heart in looking for the herb. Rather, they thought of helping her, thus they formed a group of the best hunters they have in their village. Esmeray was very thankful for the people and they said that it was only their repayment for Esmeray’s kindness and generosity towards them. 


By the time the sun rose, people armed with hunting equipment and suits, meet up at the Moon deity’s statue. There, they prayed and offered fruits for their search and wish for their safe return. 


Esmeray and the others started their quest. They split up into groups for a swift excursion. There were groups for the east, the south, the west, and the north. 


Esmeray’s group consisting of Anselm, the strongest man of the village, Prudentius, the genius strategist, and Artemia, the skilled archer, was tasked to search in the Hala valley at the East— where the moon rises. 


Esmeray tried her hardest to mask her concern for her grandmother from the group so that they will not be troubled, too, but they still noticed it. 


“Esmeray, calm your nerves down. Everything will be fine,” Artemia told her with a subtle smile as she held Esmeray’s hand. 


Prudentius and Anselm followed Artemia’s lead and made Esmeray calm down. 


“Thank you, everyone. If it weren’t for all of you, trouble might have come to us because of my uneasiness,” Esmeray said with utmost sincerity and smiled. 


After a long walk in the forest, they have finally reached their destination— Hala Valley. It was still sunset yet the valley was glistening through the sunlight. It was such a spectacular view. The group decided to set up camp first and search for the herb in the morning. It is dangerous to lurk around the forest at night because of the wild animals, especially the silver wolves and foxes. 


After eating dinner, everyone has gone to their respective tent to sleep, except for Esmeray. She was lying on her sleeping bag yet sleep does not come to her. Her mind was full of thoughts about her grandmother. 


After a cycle of thinking, she rose from her sleeping bag and went to the valley. The valley was not too far from their location but it was far enough for others not to notice. 


Upon reaching the valley, Esmeray sat near the water and looked at her reflection. 


“Dear Goddess Diana, I ask for your wisdom. Please, tell me why my grandmother is suffering like this,” Esmeray knew, out of everyone, what the reason is, yet she cannot accept the truth. 


She sang the song that her mother taught her while feeling the warmth and coldness of the water, still looking at her reflection. Nearing the end of her song, a tear fell down from her right eye to the valley


When she was about to return to their post, she saw eyes as cold as winter piercing through her own. She felt frightened and shrieked at the sight. 


The creature who holds the icy blue-colored eyes was none other than the mother of the silver wolves. 


“Child, what you seek cannot be found in the realm of mortals. Stop this instance and look inside you, accept what cannot be changed—,” the Mother Wolf was cut off when an arrow was shot directly at her yet was deflected by her fur. 


Prudentius and Anselm rushed in front of Esmeray, protecting her from the Mother Wolf. But Esmeray’s mind was still on the words of what the silver wolf said. 


Then she asked in her mind, “What is your name?” but the silver wolf was long gone. 


Everyone was asking if she was okay but she couldn’t answer as she was still stuck in a daze. 


“Tatyana,” Esmeray heard in the back of her mind then she smiled. 


She answered everyone that she was fine. After a long persuading, they finally let go and returned to their tents.


Esmeray thought it through the night, what Tatyana told her. She thought maybe she needs to go to the realm of the gods and goddesses or the realm of the dead but she knows it was not what Tatyana meant. With a heavy sigh, she made the decision and went into a peaceful sleep. 


Esmeray woke up with hearing Artemia’s voice. She heard that there was a message from the village. A bird known as Galura was resting on the shoulder of Anselm. She saw that Prudentius was holding a letter. 


When she got near them she saw worried looks on their faces, so she asked what was wrong. Prudentius only gave her the letter, thus she read it. 


Esmeray had a stoic expression on her face after reading the letter because she knew it coming. She was glad that she made the right decision. She asked Artemia to shoot an arrow, signaling that it was time to come back and Artemia did it so. The Galura bird went off Anselm’s shoulders and with a loud screech, it grew big and big as huge as the Mother Silver Wolf. 


They rode the Galura and returned to their village. Esmeray immediately went down the massive bird and ran to where her grandmother is. Her grandmother immediately sat her eyes upon her granddaughter’s and smiled. Esmeray wanted to cry so badly but she held it in to show her grandmother that she was strong… that she was fine. 


“Esmeray, come…” said her grandmother. 


She slowly walked to her grandmother and held her hand. 


“How are you, grandma?” she asked with a quiet voice, trying her hardest not to quiver. 


“My granddaughter… you did a great job. You were so brave… but it is alright now. It is fine to act weak… and to show your sorrows. I know you have found your answer, right?” with a weak voice, her grandmother told her and with that, her tears fell. 


At first, it was only one, then another one and another one until everyone could hear her sobbing. 


The villagers outside were also crying, pouring their hearts out. Esmeray held her grandmother’s cold hand close to her heart as she cried, but she knew her grandmother was happy because she lived a wonderful life. 


After a week’s time, it was Esmeray’s grandmother’s burial. As the villagers sang the song that their goddess bestowed upon them for the dead, a bright light shone in the statue of Goddess Diana’s chest. A teardrop-shaped diamond with the same color as Esmeray’s eyes was found. It was the Moon Goddess’ Tear. It was not an herb nor any other thing, it was the pure emotions of oneself to her loved one. 


Now, Esmeray truly knew what Tatyana meant in the forest. 


No tangible thing can save a person from death. Only acceptance can truly free them from suffering and let them be happy.



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