Night Singing

By: Ryuubi

Night Singing


He sings, he sings, can you hear him sing?


Tell him, tell him, what do you think?


Was it nice? Was it bad? His singing that you hear.


Dig your ears, force it open, and maybe you will like…


Haha… ha…



“Senior, are we really doing this? You know we shouldn’t be trespassing at night.”


“Stop being such a coward. You can just go home if you’re afraid.”


While saying that, he did not stop climbing up the school gate. Once he managed to get across, he turned to look.


“So are you coming or not?”


“I… I think I’ll just wait here…”


Hearing that, he just snorted.


“Fine, alright. I’m going then.”


He then turned on his heel and walked right into the building with a torch in hand and a camera hanging on his neck.


“Is it really worth going here just for some ghost rumor…?”


As he sighed, he tremblingly looked around, feeling scared of even the still shadows all around. Looking at the gate once again, he felt worried for his Senior.



“A ghost of a boy that sings in the music room… Honestly, that sounds boring, but better than nothing I guess.”


Muttering those words, he kept threading through the darkness with only the light of his torch guiding him.


He soon arrived before the door of the music room and tried to open the door, only to realize the door was locked.


“Good thing I was smart enough to borrow the key earlier today.”


He then unlocked the door and entered the room.


It was filled with instruments and several desks, something to be expected from a music classroom.


“What do I do now? Wait for the ghost to come?”


Asking himself that, he looked around the room and took a seat on a nearby chair.


But boredom soon took over and he wandered around the room. His interest soon landed on the piano at the end of the room.


With the thoughts of simply trying things out, his finger landed on one of the piano keys.




A sound resounded through the initially silent room, shocking him.


Pulling his hand away, he turned around, wanting to sit back down.




Hearing the piano sounding out again, he turned around in shock. But even after several moments, the piano stayed silent. Thinking he might be imagining things, he once again walked back to his seat.


But then he heard a loud screech, forcing him to cover his ears. Yet it did nothing to help, so he rushed out of the room, and the screech disappeared.


“What the hell was that?!”


Just as he said that, he suddenly noticed that the corridor seemed weirdly cold. Without getting a chance to think, he heard a faint laughter.


Turning to look, he saw the end of the corridor which seemed weirdly dark. Within that darkness, he was somehow able to see smiling faces, laughing.








The darkness flooded towards him and he ran away screaming. Fear filled him as he noticed that the darkness was encroaching closer and closer.


But then, he suddenly heard a voice coming from his front.


“Senior, over here!”


The familiar voice brought him hope and he ran even faster than before.


Suddenly, one of the doors opened and a hand dragged him into one of the rooms.


“Senior… are you alright?”


As he gasped for breath, he could feel a worried gaze.


“Yeah… I’m, I’m alright, thanks to you.”


When he finally caught his breath, he shook his head.


“Maybe I should have listened to you and not come here, that was really scary. I really owe you one.”


“Owe me…?”


He quietly laughed and sat down, feeling tired. He had lost his torch, leaving it behind in the music room because he was too hurried. But his camera still hung on his neck.


As he checked on his camera, he suddenly thought of something.


“I actually thought you were going to go back since you were so scared back then. Were you worried about me or something?”


As he jokingly asked that, he laughed.


“Actually, Senior, about that…”


Noticing the weird tone, he turned to look and accidentally pointed his camera. When took a glance at his camera, he noticed a weird blur, as if two faces were interlaced.


“I want you… to hear my singing…”


He instantly stood up and reached for the door, yet no matter how much he tried, the door that was clearly not locked moments ago failed to open.


“Senior… do you… like my singing…?”


Fear seemed to grip at his throat and he failed to let out a sound as the figure before him approached.


“Senior… please open your ears… and listen to my singing… hehe…”



The next day, a corpse of a senior student was found within the school. They found no clear wound on his body, but when people came to check, they found that the depths of his ears were bleeding and appearing to be gouged out.


Was it murder? No one knew.


That is, except for one junior student who, filled with fear, quietly transferred out of the school.



In the school music room, a song could be quietly heard.


I sing, I sing, can you hear me singing?


Tell me, tell me, what do you think?


Was it nice? Was it bad? My singing that you hear.


If I dig your ears, force it open, then maybe you will like my singing…


Hehe… he…

  • END

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