The Girl I Like Turned Out To Be A Yandere – Preview



Dear Kazu,

First and foremost, please refrain from succumbing to panic. I can only imagine the bewilderment that has befallen you upon discovering the sudden disappearance of your mother’s and my belongings. Forgive us, for the burden of debt and rent has surpassed our means. We never intended to undertake this course of action without informing you, but circumstances have left us with no alternative. Your mother and I are departing this nation and seeking refuge in a safer haven for the time being. Rest assured, apart from the house, you need not fear the intrusion of any debtors, as the law shall shield you. Do not allow worry to consume you.

We have left behind some savings to aid you, and the admission fee for your upcoming school year has been taken care of. Thus, for now, your primary concern shall be your tuition fee. Unlike us, I implore you to assume greater responsibility henceforth, dear Kazu. Nevertheless, we anticipate our return in the near future. Until then, may fortune favor your endeavors.

And just like that… I found myself abandoned. Uncertainty gripped my heart, unsure if they would ever reappear or reach out to me again. Though I was aware of the weighty matters burdening my parents’ lives, matters I consciously chose not to meddle in, I never anticipated it would come to this. In hindsight, perhaps I should have taken a more vested interest, better preparing myself for such a predicament.

“I apologize, kid, but I find myself utterly helpless. The apartment owner insists I surrender the rent,” the caretaker confessed, his expression heavy with remorse.

With an apologetic gaze, the caretaker of my once-humble abode beseeched me to vacate the premises. The three-month lease had expired, rendering me an unwelcome freeloader. Ah, how swiftly word travels! Undoubtedly, the sudden disappearance of my parents and their failure to meet their financial obligations must have ignited a sense of panic within the owner.

“Fear not, Shumia-san, for I comprehend the gravity of our circumstances. However, I implore you to grant me respite for but a single night, as I find myself without a place to seek refuge,” I pleaded with fervor, bowing deeply in my plea.




Two days had passed since the flat’s owner became aware of my predicament, yet I still found myself grappling with what to do next.

Come February, I would be embarking on my third year of high school, but the prospect of securing a dependable job remained elusive. Part-time work was prohibited for students like me, and even if it were an option, finding lucrative employment proved challenging.

“But I must make an attempt,” I sighed, resigned to my circumstances, as I stepped into the now desolate and dimly lit 2LDK flat. My parents had left me with a mere 5000 yen, and that was the extent of my financial safety net. The truth was, I had grown accustomed to relying on them and had never given thought to an unexpected turn of events or the need for contingency plans.

Sighing once more, I reached for my phone and began scrolling through the list of available jobs. Luckily, I stumbled upon a convenience store that hired high school students. The prospect of working five days a week for a meager sum of 4000 yen seemed arduous, but it would hopefully suffice for my survival.

Jotting down the address from the website, I prepared to venture outside after changing my attire. With school scheduled to commence in two days, relocating my belongings the following morning wouldn’t pose a significant challenge.


“Alright, you can start on Monday.” The store manager appointed me as a late-night cashier for my newfound part-time position.

Before heading back home, I purchased a packaged sandwich from the store. As anticipated, its flavor fell flat, and the chill of the weather outside only accentuated the gloom within the house.

They even took the heater. While I ruminate, I rubbed my hands beneath the quilt as I drifted into the realm of dreams.


“Don’t hang any nails. Keep noise levels down after 9 p.m. Avoid engaging in illegal activities and ensure timely rent payment,” the landlord advised, listing the rules of the rental agreement.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I responded calmly, maintaining a composed tone. My new abode was a tiny one-room shack, hardly deserving of the label “home.” Unfortunately, the exorbitant cost of rental housing had left me with no other viable options. Even this minuscule dwelling demanded a monthly fee of 5000 yen.

Having paid a month in advance with the remaining funds at my disposal, I relocated my belongings—clothes, bedding, and a few other essentials—into the cramped apartment. Since I had no bulky furniture to contend with, I managed the task single-handedly. However, due to the limited space, the room appeared congested despite my modest possessions.

Sinking onto the futon, I released a deep sigh, contemplating the path that lay ahead of me. Evening had already descended upon the city once my errands were completed. Letting out yet another sigh, I retrieved a packet of instant ramen from my bag, preparing to satiate my hunger. But just as I was about to tear it open, a series of knocks resonated from the other side of the door.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

I grumbled in annoyance, pondering who could be visiting at such a late hour, before making my way towards the door. With an annoying creak, I swung it open.

To my surprise, a burly man in a black suit stood before me, uninvited, effortlessly bending down to navigate the door that stood a foot shorter than him. Subconsciously, I made way for him to enter. Don’t ask me why I allowed him in without knowing who he was—I simply couldn’t bring myself to disagree with someone so formidable in appearance.

Following closely behind the first man were three more towering figures, also dressed in black suits and sporting dark sunglasses that obscured their eyes. In the presence of their imposing stature, my already diminutive room seemed even more suffocating.

“W-Who are you?” I stammered nervously, tilting my gaze upward to meet their unwavering stares, aware that they could effortlessly extinguish my life at any given moment.

They remained silent, their watchful eyes scanning every corner of the house. I had given no consent for any of this. After a few minutes, one of them retrieved a walkie-talkie from within his coat and murmured something so discreetly that I failed to catch a single word.

“Apologies for the intrusion. Mr. Sakahi, you will soon receive your answers,” the man who had spoken into the radio declared in a weighty tone. I nodded in acknowledgment, surrounded by the imposing figures, unable to muster the courage to utter another word.

Suddenly, a slim and tall man in his early thirties, exuding an air of elegance, entered the room. His golden locks cascaded neatly, and he was clad in a three-piece suit that seemed more valuable than a year’s worth of rent for my minuscule apartment. Perhaps even more…

The man possessed a captivating smile, gracing his flawless face, in stark contrast to my own worn-out appearance with dark, heavy bags under my eyes. Sensing an acute self-awareness, I straightened my back and corrected my posture as the man halted before me.

“Hello, Kazuya-kun. Though this is our first meeting, I have been hearing about you for some time now,” he greeted warmly, extending his right hand for a handshake, which I reciprocated absentmindedly.

Amidst the confusion that swirled within me due to the unfolding events, I forgot to ask the obvious questions that should have been on my lips. Instead, I simply remained silent, waiting for him to speak further.

“I understand this must be sudden, but would you mind if we move to a more comfortable location where we can have a relaxed conversation? My bodyguards seem rather restless in this confined space,” he apologized politely.

Despite his affluent appearance, there was not a trace of arrogance in his demeanor.

“Um… sure?” By now, I found myself simply going with the flow, my response slipping out readily.

Without even inquiring about our destination, I began preparing myself. As I reached for my jacket, I noticed a smile grace his lips as his gaze drifted toward something on my right.

“I believe you haven’t had your dinner. Why don’t we grab a bite to eat?” he suggested, his eyes landing on the half-opened cup of noodles on the floor.

It felt peculiar, eerie, and undeniably suspicious. But then again, what more could go wrong at this point? My parents had abandoned me, leaving me to endure the cold winter without proper heating, while I struggled to make a living and maintain my grades at school. I nodded, succumbing to the agreement of dinner, and strangely enough, I felt a sense of ease leaving my apartment in the company of these strangers.

I was led to a Rolls Royce Phantom, a car that I had only seen in pictures until today. The sheer opulence made me feel uneasy, and I hesitated to let my feet touch the expensive floor mats, keeping them slightly suspended as I settled beside the blonde man.

“I understand it can be unsettling to be picked up without any prior warning, but rest assured, I have no intentions of causing you harm. I simply wish to have a pleasant conversation,” he reassured me with a comforting smile, to which I could only nod.

The car came to a stop at “The Grandè,” a renowned five-star restaurant and hotel in the southern district of Tokyo. Finally, my feet found reprieve as we stepped out of the vehicle.

Dressed in my black hoodie and white jeans, I couldn’t help but feel out of place in such an upscale establishment. It felt peculiar, as if I didn’t belong there.

We were escorted to a private cabin, adorned with a round table and neatly arranged chairs. It was likely one of the most exclusive cabins available, with seven waiters lined up against the wall, all of whom sprang into action upon our arrival. They respectfully bowed before the blonde man, who acknowledged them with a nod.

Two waiters preceded us, gracefully pulling out chairs. I took the seat nearest to me, while he occupied the other.

As we settled down, a waiter effortlessly draped a napkin over my lap. I wasn’t accustomed to such treatment, but I played it cool, pretending to be unfazed.

Then, another waiter wheeled in a trolley, laden with a variety of trays and dishes. Starters were served with plates containing unfamiliar delicacies. The flavors were extraordinary, engulfing my mind, heart, and stomach with warmth and delight.

The dinner progressed smoothly, not a word spoken as I became engrossed in the exquisite food before me. I hardly noticed when the meal came to an end.

After we finished the main course, the older gentleman with blonde hair spoke again, “I hope you enjoyed the meal,” as dessert was presented.

For a brief moment, I was jolted back to reality, reminded of the circumstances that had brought me to this point. However, the exceptional treatment I had received thus far put me at ease. After everything that had unfolded, this meal—and whatever was unfolding now—served as a much-needed respite.

“Yeah, this meal is something I’ll remember for a long time,” I honestly confessed, the experience of savoring such delicacies being completely new to me.

“Now, for the matter I wanted to discuss,” the blonde man interjected, his voice taking on a sudden shift. It sent waves of nervousness washing over me, causing me to momentarily forget about the chocolate mousse I had just enjoyed.

“First, let me introduce myself. I am Tsubaki Norihito, a businessman and chef by profession.” My eyes widened upon hearing his name.

Norihito Tsubaki, a successful entrepreneur who held sway over the worlds of fashion and cuisine. His thousands of stores and restaurant chains spanned the globe, and he himself remained an enigmatic figure, rarely seen in photos or the news, choosing to let his work speak for itself through various publications.

A man so elusive that even the media struggled to capture his image. And now, he was sharing a table with me!? It was unbelievable…

Recalling the picture, I had seen in a magazine a few months ago, it was undeniably Norihito Tsubaki. I berated myself internally for failing to recognize him and felt an instant pang of apology.

“I-I apologize for the disrespect I showed by not recognizing you, Norihito-san. This, um, everything happened so quickly that I… Anyway, please continue,” I stammered politely after a momentary pause, mindful of the stark difference in our social statuses.

“I prefer to get straight to the point, so I’ll keep it brief,” he said in a serious tone, causing me to gulp.

“I assure you, if you wish to reject my request, please do so right away. I won’t bother you again, nor will I ever disturb you,” he continued. I nodded silently, at a loss for words.

“You know my daughter, Kayo Tsubaki, correct? Please tell me the price it would take for you to become involved with her, Kazuya-kun.”

Before I could even fully grasp the whirlwind of revelations and schemes unfolding before me, I found myself forced into a situation where I had to determine my own worth.

What exactly was this price for? My own life?

I was startled and shocked by the turn of events, but before a multitude of questions could flood my mind, one name reverberated through my thoughts, leaving me numb.

“Kayo? Kayo Tsubaki?” I whispered, and instantly, a barrage of questions began to form in my mind. Yet, just as quickly, they ceased…

…as I recalled who Kayo Tsubaki was.


Kayo Tsubaki, the epitome of perfection. A model student at the high school we both attended, she consistently held a position in the top three ranks since her enrollment. Whether it was a minor quiz or a crucial exam, she excelled in every subject. However, her academic prowess was not her sole claim to popularity.

Her beauty was unparalleled among the girls at our school. I could still envision her lustrous black hair cascading down to the middle of her back. Her crystal-blue eyes left me entranced, and that captivating smile, capable of setting hundreds of hearts racing, etched itself into my memory.

Her body could only be described as a divine manifestation of perfection, with curves in all the right places. She possessed a natural allure that could have propelled her into a career as a model or idol, should she have chosen to pursue it. Yet, despite numerous students capturing her image, I had never come across Tsubaki on social media.

Her beauty and grace often intimidated others, making it difficult for them to even consider approaching her. Those who dared to try often met with resounding failure.

She didn’t seek attention, preferring a simple and understated appearance, but inevitably, all eyes turned toward her wherever she went.

We shared the same class during our second year, but I never imagined our relationship could progress beyond mere admiration from afar. However, during the latter half of the year, circumstances changed, and we began to communicate as normal classmates. Our paths often crossed due to my involvement in the baseball club and her cheerleading activities.

Gradually, our conversations extended beyond casual exchanges in class. As we spoke, her piercing blue eyes held my gaze, seemingly delving into the depths of my soul. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Surprisingly, after some time, she started inviting me to have lunch with her. Since I only had one other friend in class who had a girlfriend, I agreed, thinking it would be a welcome break from being the perpetual third wheel.

As we started having lunch together, our distance closed, and I found myself developing feelings for her. It wasn’t solely based on her physical beauty, though she was undeniably stunning. I was never one to be swayed solely by appearances. Through our interactions, I glimpsed her beautiful personality, which only served to deepen my affection for Kayo Tsubaki.

However, everything came crashing down abruptly. In November, just before our final exams, a rumor began circulating that she was dating the captain of the football team. The fact that he was more attractive than me bothered me, and I couldn’t help but be affected by the whispers. I refused to believe it until I witnessed them together, sitting in a café and engaging in animated conversation.

It shattered my heart.

I was undoubtedly hurt, but the truth was, I had never been deeply in love with Tsubaki, and that allowed me to move on. After seeing her in the café, I gradually began to distance myself, avoiding her during lunch breaks with various excuses. At first, she seemed restless, but eventually, she stopped asking, and before anything else could transpire, we had to focus on our final exams.

Following the exams, the school granted us a two-week break to prepare for the new semester. And due to the circumstances with my parents, I was already starting to put that matter behind me. However, everything changed when the blonde man arrived, unexpectedly asking me to become his daughter’s…

“I’m sorry. The previous statement wasn’t clear. Can you explain it more explicitly?” I said, trying to maintain a respectful tone despite the flood of memories resurfacing within me.

While I grasped the literal meaning of his words, I needed further clarification to confirm that he truly meant what he said. The unexpected nature of his revelation left me somewhat bewildered, and I sought clarity regarding his intentions.

“What I mean is that my daughter has developed deep feelings for you, though you may be unaware of it,” he clarified, prompting an involuntary “eh” sound to escape my lips before I nodded in acknowledgment.

He continued, “Given her personality, I knew she would never have the courage to confess her feelings directly. However, the current circumstances leave me with no choice but to convey this to you myself. Kazuya-kun, my daughter loves you dearly. The time she spent with you, no matter how brief, holds great significance for her. I have no doubt that she would even leave her parents behind if it meant being with you.”

I was left speechless.

Tsubaki loves me?” I couldn’t help but let the question echo in my mind.

As much as I wanted to believe it, the reality seemed too good to be true. Sensing my hesitation, Norihito sighed and pulled out his mobile phone, saying, “Why don’t you see it for yourself?”

After a series of taps on his phone, he handed it over to me. As I looked at the screen, I gasped in astonishment.

The screen displayed a white wall adorned with picture frames, each containing a single image. And to my surprise, every photograph featured me. Whether they were candid shots or slightly blurry, they were all focused on capturing moments of my life. Furthermore, as Norihito scrolled through the pictures, additional images appeared, revealing trinkets and mementos that reminded me of Tsubaki. There were even snapshots of bento boxes among the slides.

One particular picture caught my attention, prompting me to inquire about it. In response, Norihito abruptly turned the phone towards himself, wearing a slight frown on his face.

“Do you really want to know?”

I could sense an unfamiliar pressure emanating from him. I mean, it was just napkins, straws, and some used stationery, right? But then it hit me—wasn’t that the bento in which Tsubaki made me eat her homemade lunch? Wait…do not tell me.

As I pondered, Norihito-san raised his index finger, signaling his bodyguard to approach. Throughout the entire time, Norihito-san wore a grim expression on his face.

When the bodyguard arrived, Norihito took a napkin, pinched the bridge of his eyebrows, and with his eyes half-closed, wrote something on it.

“Explain this to the boy like this…”


My mind registered the words in a blank daze.

“…All of this—is all of this me?” I asked in disbelief. Even uttering those words felt surreal. The image of hundreds of faces identical to mine staring back blankly sent a shiver down my spine. And to think, all my used belongings were there, plain as day. It seemed like the sort of thing that only happened in movies.

“I’m deeply sorry to say, but yes,” he replied, his gaze downcast with visible sadness and a hint of guilt on his face.

I let out a sigh and handed back his phone. “Please continue what you were saying.”

Knowing how much Tsubaki loved me, I wanted to understand why her father, Norihito Tsubaki, approached me instead of her.

“She’s a truly sweet girl, so please don’t think of her as strange,” he said.

“No, I won’t. And believe me, I know how beautiful she is on the inside, so you don’t have to worry about my perspective.” A broad smile spread across his face before he nodded and resumed speaking.

“The thing is, she’s an incredibly talented dress designer and an excellent chef. Even better than I was in my prime. But ever since you distanced yourself from her, she’s become withdrawn. I haven’t seen any emotion on her face, and she’s stopped talking to us as well. Talent is one thing, but as a father, it breaks my heart to see her like this,” Norihito-san explained, his expression serious as he paused briefly before continuing.

“I will do everything in my power to make my Lily smile again, Kazuya-kun,” he said, fixing his gaze on me.

“Will you become my daughter’s partner? I promise to fulfill all your requirements. I will help you eliminate all your troubles, including any financial issues. I assure you; I’ll take care of everything…” Norihito spoke with authority, but his pleading, almost teary eyes betrayed the heartfelt concern of a father who only wished for his daughter’s happiness.

“…so, can you give my Lily a fulfilling life? Please,” he concluded, his voice growing softer.

Observing his expression, I could genuinely see how worried he was for his daughter. I acknowledged his heartfelt plea as well.

“Sorry, Norihito-san, but I can’t accept your offer,” I said, despite realizing the tremendous offer I had just declined. His shoulders slumped immediately; sorrow almost visible like a cloud around him.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you with Tsubaki,” I added. He turned his eyes in my direction.

“I won’t ask for money or anything else, as I don’t want compensation for something like this. It would only make me feel miserable. However, I will do what I can for you and Tsubaki, Norihito-san.” Relief washed over the blonde man’s face, followed by a warm smile.

“Thank you, Kazuya-kun. Thank you.”



At that moment, Norihito-san and I stood before the elevator, about to enter a magnificent apartment. The top floor seemed to touch the sky, surrounded by various landmarks. After dinner and a chat, Norihito-san requested that I meet Tsubaki immediately, and although hesitant, I agreed.

The thought of meeting Tsubaki once again, knowing that she loves me, made me slightly nervous. Memories of our brief time together flooded my mind, and the feelings that had started to blossom before it all ended abruptly. The nervousness grew gradually stronger as I dwelled on these thoughts.

The elevator came to a stop on the 73rd floor, the highest level. Aware of my unease with heights, I avoided looking outside the glass enclosure and kept my gaze straight ahead. Beside me, Norihito-san beamed with excitement, struggling to contain it.

It was a bit embarrassing to witness Norihito-san’s enthusiasm, but I understood his perspective as a father. My own parents had been just like that, until…


My train of thought paused as Norihito-san pressed the doorbell. The entire floor housed only one door.

Standing just behind Norihito-san, who towered over me by half a foot, I remained hidden from the peephole of the door. After a few moments, it clicked open.

“Evening, Lily,” Norihito-san greeted, stepping forward and enveloping the person in front of him in a tight embrace.

I caught a glimpse of two delicate and pale hands wrapping around Norihito-san’s back. However, upon closer inspection, they didn’t quite meet, as if extending only a courteous embrace.

There was no mistaking the owner of those hands. My heart raced with anticipation as each passing second intensified my excitement.

After a brief exchange, Norihito-san stepped aside, leaving the third person and I face to face.

Crystal blue eyes, dark raven hair elegantly tied in a bun, and a face of such breathtaking beauty that it stole my breath away. Before me stood an angel, her wide blue eyes reflecting a mixture of shock and perhaps, excitement.

She took a step back, and before I could even greet her, she darted back inside the house and disappeared.

With my mouth half-open, I heard Norihito-san speak.

“See, I told you. She’s as shy as heck.” Norihito-san gave me a wink that contradicted his gentlemanly appearance.

“Let’s go inside,” he said, and I hesitantly nodded, following him with steady steps.

The house was enormous. The entrance and hallway were three times the size of my humble abode. We walked down a wide hallway and entered a spacious, dimly lit living room. I saw a plush couch and a comfortable bean bag inside.

“Please have a seat here. I’ll bring her in a minute.” He gestured toward the couch before walking deeper into the house.

I sank into the couch and got lost in its fluffiness. The soft sensation beneath me made it feel like diving into clouds, and its warmth indicated that it was heat insulated.

Since the TV was still on, it meant that Tsubaki had been watching it before we arrived.

A culinary show played on the screen. To avoid touching anything unnecessarily, I decided to pass the time by learning how to make cheese balls.

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