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While trying my best to get along with my childhood friend, who was head over heels for me. The idol whom I saved that one time in history transferred in. Now my school life is in carnage. Average 5 / 5 out of 6
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    Aone Mirai had a childhood friend. She looks gorgeous, has beautiful eyes, and is huge (the important information) The existence of Kujou Rei, who is also an idol of the school, stimulated a sense of inferiority in Mirai. Making him refuse her no matter how many times she confessed her feelings. However. "Just how many times do I have to say before you finally understand? Don't sneak into my futon." Entering my completely naked "Good morning to you too, Mi-chan's Mii-chan." She would start to worship my son "Yahello, A-chan. Will A-chan also participate?" Trying to get my little sister, Arata, to join her indecent wasy of life, She is just a completely messed up person. And ... It was around the time when Mirai also tried hard to cure his own (inferiority) complex. "Today, I transferred to this class. I'm Ayaka Kirinaga." An active idol transferred in from another school ...! ?? "Arre? But you're not dating Mirai-kun, right?" "... My relationship with Mirai-kun is that which involves direct bonding of our bodies, though?" In addition to that, being targeted by Nishiaya Hoshi, who had fun teasing Mirai, and Haruyama Saku, who became friends with Ayaka ...? The school was now already transformed into a carnage. Then where does the future of Mirai guides him as he survives this ... ? Present Translator: Noir