~March 2022 Novel Competition~


Hello Everyone~~

Another Novel Competition for those who are interested. 

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To all who voted and participated Zetro First Year Anniversary Event, ~Arigatou Minna-san~! Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Happy 1st Anniversary!

Winner for Novel Contest:


Title: 50m Neighbor

Author: Kominatsu (Purple)

Winner for Artwork Content:


1st (25 Votes) – Extreme Senpai

2nd – Loki

3rd  – Zea

PS: For the winners, using the email address you used for submission, send me your paypal address to claim your prizes! 

Link To Submitted Novels:

Link to Submitted Artworks:

Greetings meine intertanen! i come to bring forth plans of ze die höhere ebene, for this coming few weeks~ some of you might already know and some of you might not know, here’s a hint~ special month day on the 3rd week of the month~ if you have guessed first year anniversary of the group congratulations, you have some keen eyes and ears~ if not… well thats okay…. except the gestapo might come to your house any how~ forget you saw the latter part…. details entail a artwork contest, and story writing contest

Artwork: [Theme would be “as long as it’s original”] (how does this work? ask the planning division)

1st place: $30

2nd place: $20

3rd place: $10

Original Story: [Theme would be anything except the taboo genres] (very low planning at its finest)

Word Limit [Word limit 777 – 3333 ]

Winner: $40

Then their art and novel would be featured on zetro website.

Time [deadline and voting time frame] Deadline for submission is on August 14, 11:59 pm GMT+8

Posting and Voting period would be August 15-21, 11:59 pm

Submission send you’re submissions on both email, send them with the subject of submission and if its artwork or original story, or it might get lost in the sea of unread mails ex:

[Submission: Artwork] [email protected] [email protected]

[side note] payment method “paypal”

[As the wise planning division collectively said “just wing it”]

For more details, check out here on our discord server:

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